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AJ Total, a heart-beating happy company

Dear customers who visited AJ Total,

AJ Total is a food company specializing in refrigeration and freezing warehouse business and F&B business.

Starting with the completion of Yongin Refrigeration in 1993, Suzy Refrigeration, Giheung Refrigeration, and Cheoin Refrigeration were established to establish the largest refrigeration and freezing warehouse network in the metropolitan area. Based on this, we acquired AJ Hanrok Co., Ltd. for the livestock processing business, meat import/distribution food business, and logistics transportation system, and expanded our business area to 3PL business, and advanced into the F&B business by establishing a restaurant franchise.

In addition, we have established a refrigerated and frozen storage distribution center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and expanded overseas food material import and distribution business to become a global company.

AJ Total is striving to create an organizational culture where all employees can work happily and happily based on the mission of'a heart-beating and happy company', and we will continue to strive to become a company that can be trusted by customers.

We, AJ Total, will always be with you. We ask for your support and interest. Thank you.

AJ Total CEO
Kim Geun-tae