The AJ’s CI is a core element for maintaining consistent graphic style and brand image of AJ. CI is smaller than the minimum size set forth below should not be used because they distort the images, and larger ones can be used through digital work according to the grid system ratio.

AJ Total Vietnam CI

Color system

The AJ’s color system requires using the designated colors, in principle. Only in cases where individual color inks cannot be used due to production problems, use colors that are close to the designated colors referring to the four primary color combinations.

utilization rules

To form consistent images of the AJ, colors should be utilized in the method shown below. Using color versions in which the designated colors have been perfectly reproduced is desirable. If color implementation is limited, versions other than the versions shown below may also be used. However, if there is any question regarding the utilization of colors in relation to background colors, make sure to discuss it with the CI management department in advance.

Bank rules

To deliver clear images of the AJ, spaces that separate the symbol mark and the background should be secured. For accurate use of the CI, the minimum bank rule as set forth below must be observed.