Based on the AJ’s vision and core values, make a healthy organizational culture through sharing of common values and realize the value of the growth of individuals, the company, and society altogether

Job & Role-based

As personnel management considering the levels of roles and responsibilities in the organization, personnel functions are transferred so that the authority of and responsibility for decision making are distributed among the group and individual affiliate units


To contribute to successful work performance, foster talents that continuously develop necessary abilities and realize knowledge, attitudes, and value with action


Realize the Ideal Talents based on the AJ’s vision, “The Most Trusted No.1 Service Partner” and core values

Realize the Ideal Talents based on the AJ’s vision, “The Most Trusted No.1 Service Partner” and core values


01 01 Value Based Design

To become a permanent company that contributes to society and mankind, unceasing contemplation about the reason and purpose of existence of the AJ and homogeneous thinking and action about our unique values are required. Therefore, all members should practice the foregoing with belief.

02 02 Leadership Development

Our dreams and goals are realized when the core competencies required for individual positions and jobs are exerted. Therefore, all members should recognize the roles and responsibilities of individuals and develop leadership for positive interactions and reasonable decision making.

03 03 Function Program

The sense of accomplishment coming from work is the motive power for continuous growth and changes. To reinforce the expertise of individual jobs, not only education on knowledge and skills but also field education, coaching, external education, and overseas training are supported.

04 04 Organizational Culture Program

Warm and interesting communications among members enrich not only workplace lives but also each person’s life as a whole. Through many types of education and programs, the AJ enables members to treat each other with the mind of members and search for the meaning of happiness together.