The AJ recognizes the sharing of happiness through participation as an important activity for business management and practices continuous Social Contribution activities. The AJ adds smiles and happiness to the world with sharing.

“Following the code of conduct “Heartwarming and exciting”, all personnel of the AJ voluntarily and interestingly participate in voluntary service because they know that love begins from very small practices. The AJ dreams of coexistence with society with sharing with our neighbors in life.”

Sharing service group (AJ Rent-A-Car) (AJ Rent-A-Car)

  • Play camp (travel campaign to support children of disadvantaged groups)
  • Angel supporters (campaign to provide vehicles for voluntary service)
  • Campaign for special discounts for the disabled
  • Held baseball competition as national office workers’ sports for all
  • Youth violence prevention campaign (sponsored by the Youth Violence Prevention Foundation)
  • Support for hospital health examinations for the elderly who live alone
  • Delivery of gifts to low-income groups for festive seasons
  • New mind movement (community environment cleaning campaign)
  • Start Green, Start AJ Rent-A-Car (environmentally friendly) campaign
  • Parking lot sharing campaign
  • Welfare facility vehicle free checking/vehicle management education
  • D2D staff industry-academia-research cooperation mentoring (not conformed for implementation)
  • Happy book sharing campaign (sponsored by the Happy Library Foundation)

Sympathy service group (AJ Networks) (AJ Networks)

  • Activity support service for severe disabled persons
  • Sponsorship of occupational rehabilitation facility office devices and articles for disabled persons and implementation of work-linked programs
  • Service to support the lives of elderly persons living alone /sponsored by Goheeyeon
  • Support for free feeding facilities for homeless persons
  • Support for education programs in orphanages and regional children’s centers
  • Campaign for sponsorship of unfortunate children through sisterhood relationships and operation of unfortunate children help matching funds operation
  • Implemented Santa Claus charity bazaars
  • Implemented sharing projects for social welfare facilities
  • Support for community development projects and development and operation of other beneficiary-centered welfare programs
  • Implemented support projects for social welfare NPO
  • Operated social welfare practice expert courses

Warm-visit service group (AJ Total) (AJ Total)

  • Promotes food bank projects
  • Supports Yongin-si infinite care project
  • Supports treatment for low-income group children
  • Passing a warm winter in cooperation with Yongin-si (support with room heating oil, etc.)
  • Supports the provision of homes for elderly persons living alone
  • Sponsors overseas relief work

Sprout-growing service group (AJ Park) (AJ Park)

  • Movement to help unfortunate children and youths
  • Coal briquette delivery of love
  • All personnel voluntarily participate in Social Contributions : linkage with Purme Foundation, Intree Home, Suseo Social Welfare Center, etc.