Long An

Location: Long Hau IP

Docks: 44

Blast Freezing: 50m2

Building scale:

Gross area: 25,600m2

Storage capacity: 32,000Ton, 31,024 pallets

  • Robotic automation 25,200 pallets
  • Forklift operation 5 rooms, 5,824 pallets
  • 26km from Cat Lai port
  • 8,3km from Hiep Phuoc port

Hung Yen

Location: Street 206, Area F, Pho Noi A Industrial Park, Minh Hai Commune, Van Lam District, Hung Yen Province, Vietnam

Docks: 30


Gross area: 17,853m2

Storage capacity: 20,000Ton, 21,408 pallets

  • Robotic automation 18,192 pallets
  • Forklift operation 4 rooms, 3,216 pallets
  • 109km from Hai Phong port
  • 24,3km from Hanoi

Dong Nai

Location:: Lot 45, Road 3, Nhon Trach 6 Industrial Park, Long Tho Commune, Nhon Trach District, Dong Nai Province

Number of goods entry and exit gates: 6

Gross area: 4,891.77m2

6,948 pallets: 6,948 pallets

  • Forklift operation 2 rooms, 6-storey racking system
  • Temperature always controlled by the system 24/7
  • 26km from Cat Lai port